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Historic Town

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Raetihi, established in 1893 is a small town in the center of New Zealand's North Island. It lies in a valley between Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks, 11 km west of Ohakune's ski fields.

Raetihi became the focal point for travelers going between Wanganui and Waiouru. A thriving town emerged to serve the timber workers and those passing through. A trip North from Wanganui was not for the faint-hearted. The scenic "River Road" passing through Pipiriki was treacherous with primitive tracks and long falls if you left the track. Those who completed the journey to Raetihi found hospitality, accommodation, blacksmiths and saddlers for weary horses and supplies for their further travels north.

From the 1970s, Raetihi, like many rural New Zealand towns, suffered from a depressed economy. At present, tourist attractions such as the Dinosaur House Museum, Raetihi Arts Trust Gallery, Waimarino Museum, Volcano Vibe, Makotoku River Walk and various commercial operations providing opportunities to explore the Whanganui River offer hope for a more diverse economic future. Its close proximity to Mount Ruapehu and popular ski-fields has led to the establishment of accommodation and cafes to cater for the increasing number of visitors.



Raetihi is home to the Dinosaur House. This unique museum contains NZs largest private collection of dinosaur statues, skeletons and fossils.

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Enjoy a fantastic array of  delicious food at Angel Louise Cafe or the Coach Cafe.

Free Wifi


When in Raetihi don't forget to take advantage of the free WiFi.

Op Shops & Four Square

There are 3 lovely Op Shops to search for hidden gems and you can pick up all your grocery needs at the local Four Square.



Raetihi has several accommodation options including Snowy Waters Lodge and the Raetihi Holiday Park which has modern, comfortable cabins, dining room and caravan site.



In the summertime the local pool offers great fun and exercise.


Our local Caltex station has the most competitively priced petrol in the local area.





Dinosaur House


The Dinosaur House is a small family friendly dinosaur museum housed in a beautiful 1922 heritage building in the town of Raetihi. See dinosaur skeletons, walk among life-size reconstructions and learn about their amazing prehistoric world.

Waimarino Museum


Holding a vast array of photographs, newspaper clippings and equipment from everyday home items to logging machinery from the last 100 years.

Raetihi Arts Trust Gallery

The Raetihi Arts Trust Gallery exhibits a diverse range of established contemporary New Zealand painters, sculptors, and printmakers.

Whanganui River Canoes


Whanganui River Canoes can help you with your multi day canoe trip on the Whanganui River, and can help you with any adventure in the Ruapehu/Whanganui Region. 

Makotoku River Walk


Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Makotuku River walkway in Raetihi. This picturesque walk takes you on a 4 km journey through beautiful mature native bush and extensive native plantings. Enjoy the stunning mountain views and unique art.

Volcano Vibe


A group of artists and like minded people bringing you locally made art, fashion and organic products as well as providing a variety of services.



A very in depth passion project which is open to the public. Well worth the detour and reasonable entry fee for a look at what’s inside.

Themed rooms contain huge animatronic dinosaurs, skeleton replicas, movie props and very informative plaques.

Perfect for kids of all ages.